On Abundance

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word enough. It usually comes with a negative connotation, like a mom yelling at a kid to be quiet, that’s enough. It implies a sort of meets expectations, always preceded by a just, as if enough is just average, but certainly nothing to celebrate.

But what if enough if all we need? The greediness of moremoremore blinds us to the beauty that comes with just enough. Perhaps enough is all that we need to be, all that we need to have, all that is even possible.

The Hebrew word, “Shefa” (שפע) means abundance. And abundance, which generally comes with a positive connotation, is just another word for enoughness. Yoga encourages a belief in abundance, a faith that there is enough to go around, that there will always be enough, that you are enough.

I see a lot of people making decisions based on fear, based on lack. There are not enough jobs, so everybody is trying to get ahead of everybody else, scrambling to grab one of the few good jobs out there. Sometimes we believe that there isn’t enough food, so we eat, eat, eat, as if there won’t be enough food tomorrow so we have to indulge today. Fashion and cosmetic companies make their millions by convincing you that you are not beautiful enough, you are not thin enough, you are not desired enough, you don’t smell good enough, your eyelashes aren’t long enough, and your teeth aren’t white enough. Top universities maintain their status by telling the majority of applicants that they are not smart enough, not hard-working enough, not good enough to be accepted.

People often tell me, “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.” If you’re one of those people, then you’re wrong. Everyone is flexible enough to do yoga. In fact, you’re the perfect level of flexibility for yoga. Saying that you’re not flexible enough to try yoga is like saying that you’re too dirty to take a shower. But yoga is about meeting yourself on the mat, exactly as you are today, and acknowledging that you are fully, wholeheartedly, thoroughly, perfectly enough.

You are flexible enough, and you are strong enough. You are beautiful enough, and your eyelashes are long enough. You are smart enough, you are hard-working enough, and you are good enough. You are enough, and that is all that you need to be, perhaps even all that is possible. And if anybody ever tries to convince you that enough is not enough — well, that’s probably because they’re trying to sell you something.

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